AML Customer Screening

AML Customer Screening

APOG offers one-time and ongoing 24-hour AML Customer Screening for proper Client-Due-Diligence (CDD).

We collect information about legal entities, with particular reference to their ownership structure, beneficial owners, and related parties, to ensure that your business is not threatened by illegal activity involving existing or recently acquired customers and business partners.

When reviewing audit results, we use a risk-based approach, which means analysing and trying to understand how negative links can affect clients' businesses.

To carry out immediate and continuous, 24-hour inspections, we use only trusted, worldwide databases and inspection tools.

Screening of entities, i.e. security of operations

Screening can be associated mainly with recruitment. However, it is also used in the case of entities with which a given company or institution cooperates. This process is to help verify who the customer or contractor is. This solution eliminates the risk of cooperation with unreliable entities that may pose a risk of being associated with criminal activity.

The biggest benefits of screening entities include:

    • security – thanks to screening, a given institution or company can avoid cooperation with unreliable entities that are related to, for example, money laundering or terrorist financing,
    • greater credibility – the lack of negative cooperation has a positive impact on the credibility of the company, which may result in an increase in the number of customers interested in the offer,
    • lack of legal consequences – a company using the entity screening service can be sure that it operates in accordance with the AML system and does not expose itself to serious legal consequences. Problems in this field are often long-lasting and damage the company's image for up to several years.

We carry out ongoing screening of entities. We verify more and more contractors and clients, so that we can immediately inform the institution about suspected non-compliance with AML regulations. This solution allows you to make the right decision in no time and increase the security of cooperation.

Who do we work with?

We screen entities primarily for institutions and companies in the banking industry, in which we have many years of experience. We cooperate with banks and neobanks, i.e. entities that base their activities on websites. We adjust the scope of our activities to the client's needs. We conduct long-term inspections, during which we can verify the correctness of all processes taking place in the company, especially those related to the AML system.

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