AML Trainings

AML Trainings

We organise AML training sessions. It is designed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Compliance with its principles is the duty of all businesses and institutions, particularly those in the financial industry.


  • you will gain knowledge of the AML system and receive a certificate confirming completion of the training,
  • you will learn about practices commonly used in the industry and analyze a case study, which will allow you to better understand the applicable law,
  • you will gain qualifications that are recognized both in the Polish and foreign markets,
  • you will learn the latest methods of money laundering and ways to prevent such procedures,
  • you will learn about international standards related to anti-money laundering and financing of terrorist activities,
  • you will receive access to educational materials that can also be used at your leisure.

Anyone who wants to learn how the system works and how to comply with it can sign up for AML training. Most often, we work with employees of Operational Risk or Money Laundering Prevention Departments. Our training is also used by people employed in accounting offices, banks and neobanks.


We organize AML training with a certificate. This is a document issued by our company, which confirms that a person has passed the course and obtained the appropriate qualifications. This document helps to improve the situation of the employee in the market - it is a great asset, which many customers pay attention to before starting cooperation. A certificate from AML training is desirable, among others, in accounting offices and entities responsible for implementing the system in companies.


AML training courses are conducted by specialists with many years of experience in the industry - both on the Polish market and abroad. These are people who teach at state universities on a daily basis, passing on valuable knowledge to students of law, accounting, ecconomy. Their experience allows them to present information in a clear and understandable way. 

During the training we focus on the whole AML/CFT procedure - the course, the purpose, modern methods, ways of prevention and consequences. We present international regulations - EU, UK and Swiss regimes. We discuss real cases and perform practical tasks that help consolidate the acquired knowledge.