Ramp up in outsourcing trend ↗

According to a Thomson Reuters study, more than a third surveyed companies in financial services throughout the world said they outsourced part of their operational responsibilities last year. This year's figure (34%) was the highest since Thomson Reuters began the survey four years ago.

The expectations of regulators for the use of data analytics are rising. Today the focus is on the question how the organization reaches compliance effectiveness and whether company’s management acts on the findings. The auditors do not want to reinvent the processes but examine if compliance patterns work.

The key mission of AP Outsourcing Group is to better understand the data we produce and address the impediments in advance of a compliance failures. While cost benefits look attractive, the value of data plays first fiddle at our firm.

AP Outsourcing Group offers best value proposition by saving time for your in-house team and providing skilled resources to address high-volume and time-consuming data processing for better decision-making and increased efficiency. 

Source: https://corporate.thomsonreuters.com/Cost-of-Compliance-2020