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APOG provides access to highly qualified and cost-effective personnel in Poland to assist with AML Compliance, ESG and Financial Data Management.

In AML Compliance, our team of certified AML experts offers AML outsourcing services for financial institutions, Crypto-Asset Service Providers (CASPs), Crypto-Assets Issuers and other obliged entities.

We plug-in Compliance Officers (CO), Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLRO), and Auditors with +10 years experience in leading KYC, KYT, and KYB complex investigations, remediations, and audits. We have a proven record of high-quality SAR/STR filings, cooperating with international and local supervisory authorities, regulators, and auditors.

In ESG, APOG simplifies and develops sustainability data, using scalable techniques and tools.


As AML/ESG professionals, our organisation has credentials and knowledge to back up our qualifications and training. We endeavour to constantly expand our knowledge in order to adapt to evolving AML/ESG requirements. We understand how to appropriately analyse them and change company operations to ensure full compliance with current laws. We also employ sophisticated tools to manage and correctly examine the data we acquire.

We provide AML/ESG training and lectures at universities. We pass on valuable knowledge and skills further, training more specialists in the industry. We know how to present information in such a way that it stays in the memory of the trainees for a long time and allows even better adjustment of AML and terrorist financing prevention activities.


We carry out a wide range of AML/ESG services. We focus primarily on activities in the banking sector. We know that processes in institutions of this type are sometimes complicated and must fully comply with many regulations. We primarily work with companies and entities, such as:

  • Banks,
  • Neobanks, such as online services,
  • Crypto-Asset Service Providers (CASPs),
  • Crypto-Assets Issuers,
  • and other obligated entities.

We tailor the scope of our services to the client's needs. Together, we determine the details and adapt the activities performed to the dynamically changing situation.


Audits are the cornerstone of our offering. We verify that AML, KYC, and CFT systems have been implemented in accordance with applicable regulations in an appropriate manner. We apply a full or extended scope of verification, depending on the arrangement with the client. We handle, among other things:

  • The onboarding of new customers and reviewing existing relationships,
  • Verification of company processes and procedures
  • Unwrapping complex structures to identify the ultimate beneficial owners, the purpose of the transaction, and possible risk factors,
  • Implementing and verifying the risk classification of clients,
  • Ongoing monitoring of relationships,
  • Reporting, maintaining communication with Financial Intelligence Units, public prosecutors, and controllers.

We also take measures to make the AML system work as efficiently as possible. We control the company's processes and make sure they comply with current standards and laws. We identify areas that need improvement. We also present ways to help increase the efficiency of the processes in place.

We offer workshops and consulting sessions, during which we discuss the details of the company's processes and applicable regulations. We verify and assess the state of the entity - at this stage, we define the areas that require changes. We also design a target picture for the company to be much more efficient and secure. We also make a detailed recommendation for changes in specific areas.


Thanks to us, you do not need to employ your own AML specialists. We act as an external company, carrying out assignments in the companies of our clients. Based on the Time & Material Model, we scale your existing team to develop and execute your current projects, or we empower your company with a tailored team to manage specific services on our own.

Such action allows you to avoid the need to create a new position in the company, look for a suitable specialist, and pay him a fixed salary. We carry out both one-time assignments and cyclical compliance projects and audits.



AML is a system in force in Poland and abroad. The rules related to it are described in the Law on Anti-Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Regulations worldwide. Details related to these regulations can also be found in EU Directives. They are aimed at preventing the use of modern financial systems for money laundering and terrorist financing.

Institutions operating in the banking sector are required to adapt the way they operate to current AML regulations. Their compliance allows for increased financial security and a marked reduction in fraud risks. AML is also used to protect a company from taking part in a prohibited practice.

Monitoring the AML system translates into security for both the institution itself and its customers. It allows the institution to fulfil its statutory obligations and thus protect itself from legal consequences. The implementation of AML is also necessary in connection with inspections. Failure to comply with the system's requirements is associated with penalties imposed by state authorities.


At our company, we use automated systems that allow us to supervise the processes taking place in an institution even more effectively. We use state-of-the-art software that allows us to analyse available data and execute transactions. The implementation of such a system allows us to achieve a balance between statutory obligations and the burden of new procedures in the institution. Each time, we carefully adjust the scope of the software to the specific activity of a particular entity.


We prepare sustainability strategies, policies, and processes. Our company produces analyses and reports in accordance with CSRD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, and CSDD guidelines. The premise of ESG is to seek maximum profit, but in a way that does not strain the environment. It is also important to maintain social responsibility and corporate governance.

The ESG sustainability strategy we are implementing allows us to:

  • Improving the credibility of the company in the eyes of customers and counterparties,
  • Increasing the chances of obtaining bank financing,
  • Aligning the company's current operations with Polish law and EU directives.

This is a way to meet the demands of modern consumers, who increasingly rely on solutions with the least possible environmental impact.
We conduct audits, on the basis of which we determine the way the company operates and the changes that need to be made to it. With the information we obtain, we can plan an ESG strategy appropriate for the company, highlighting fields that pose a threat to people, the planet, or the value of the company itself. We provide management training and support the organisation in implementing new solutions.

We encourage you to contact our AML and ESG experts. Together, we will have an initial discussion and determine how we can assist you.

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